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Cocktail Hour

Clärchen’s Ballhaus

For this edition of Bar of the Week, we’re stepping back in search of the old Weimar Berlin: a lost city that for a brief moment between the two World Wars, was the most decadent and dazzling of all the cities in Europe. Berlin “had a jewel-like sparkle, especially at […]

Cocktail Hour

The Crow’s Nest – World War II’s Secret Bar

In downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, there is an old warehouse overlooking the harbour, that looks as anonymous as all the other brick buildings surrounding it. At least until you look at the roof. For protruding out of the flat roof, is what appears to be a rather unusual looking aerial. […]

Secret Histories

Discovering the Wreckage of an RAF Bomber in Provence

Hidden deep in a valley of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in Southern France, is a plain wooden sign, that simply says ‘l’Avion’. It points to a disused dirt track that descends deeper into the valley for over 4 miles. You pass more signs also marked ‘the plane’, until you eventually find a […]

Cocktail Hour

The Eagle’s Nest

Quite possibly one of the most unsettling bars in the world can be found on top of a beautiful mountain in Bavaria. The setting is majestic: spectacular sweeping views over the mountains looking towards Austria should provide the perfect backdrop to a cold glass of Müchner Sommer pilsner. But the […]