Author: ljspencer

Cocktail Hour

Captain Tony’s Saloon

Down in Key West, its Sloppy Joe’s on Duval Street that draws the raucous crowds. But we prefer the more locals flavour of Captain Tony’s Saloon, right around the corner on Greene Street. After all, its not every bar that has Victorian period gravestones embedded on the floor by the […]

Abandoned Places

A Forgotten Airplane Lost in the Caribbean

Continue your search for the Dharma Initiative with this passenger jet lying forgotten on a Caribbean Island, slowly being reclaimed by nature.  ©Nothing quite captures the imagination than discovering the ruins of a wrecked airplane. Recently the Society for Gentleman Explorers discovered just such a plane, hidden away on the […]

Adventure Travel

Exploring the Beautiful Churches of Iceland

Iceland is filled with many breathtaking sights. But some of the country’s most beautiful features are often over looked: its churches. Indeed when people first arrive in Iceland, it is not the volcanic waters of the Blue Lagoon, or the spectacular waterfalls of Gullfoss that first take the breath away, […]

Secret Histories

An Historic Graveyard Hidden in a Mall Parking Lot

For an example of all that is wrong about modern America, look no further than the hulking Palisades Mall, in West Nyack, NY. One of the largest ‘mega malls’ in the US, the vast concrete complex opened in 1998, swiftly becoming known as one of the ‘ugliest malls’ in the […]