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Secret Histories

The Mystery of the Quiet Birdmen

Whilst recently conducting some research in the archives of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, we came across a peculiar artifact: a small copper coloured membership card, stamped with what looked like blue pilot wings and a shield, and a mysterious sounding inscription. About the size of a regular business […]

Secret Histories

Discovering the Wreckage of an RAF Bomber in Provence

Hidden deep in a valley of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in Southern France, is a plain wooden sign, that simply says ‘l’Avion’. It points to a disused dirt track that descends deeper into the valley for over 4 miles. You pass more signs also marked ‘the plane’, until you eventually find a […]

Cocktail Hour

The World Famous Sultana Bar

We first came across the Sultana Bar in downtown Williams, Arizona whilst crossing the United States by train a few years ago. What first caught the eye was a worn looking neon sign in the shape of a martini glass advertising ‘cocktails’ and ‘package goods’. If you ever see the […]

Abandoned Places

Welcome to the Bureau of Exploration!

Here at the SGE, we love exploring, and are always excited to meet other Societies, groups or individuals who share our passion for discovering the worlds’ wonders. One of our new favourites is the Bureau of Exploration, a semi-secret society we came across on Instagram @bureau_exploration that are “dedicated to […]

Secret Histories

A Forgotten Island Graveyard for Sailors

Walk around the North side of Lagoon Park in Bermuda, and you’ll find a secluded cemetery set back from the road side. The graveyard rests in a small valley protected from the Atlantic winds, where palm trees sway alongside tumbled headstones, ancient obelisks and marble tombs. The small cemetery is […]

Cocktail Hour

Napoleon House

Whenever visiting New Orleans, our first order of business is to head to the corner of Rues St. Louis & Chartres in the French Quarter, and step inside the delightful, over two hundred year old Napoleon House. One of our most beloved bars, Napoleon’s is the most magical place in […]

Abandoned Places

Ghosts of the Soviet Union

In a land as vast as Russia, one wonders what abandoned places are lying out there waiting to be discovered. There are stories of entire mining towns in Siberia that have been left completely deserted, or fields filled with Soviet-era aircraft and tanks, simply left to rust. In little visited […]

Cocktail Hour

The Eagle’s Nest

Quite possibly one of the most unsettling bars in the world can be found on top of a beautiful mountain in Bavaria. The setting is majestic: spectacular sweeping views over the mountains looking towards Austria should provide the perfect backdrop to a cold glass of Müchner Sommer pilsner. But the […]

Adventure Travel

The Empire Explorer

Here at the SGE, we love coming across people or groups who share our passion for exploring, history and adventure. In this edition of The Fellow Explorer’s Club, we caught up with The Empire Explorer, which is fast becoming our favourite resource for discovering New York State. When most people […]

Cocktail Hour

McSorley’s Old Ale House

Ask any discerning New Yorker, “light or dark?”, and they will know straight away you’re talking about McSorley’s Old Ale House. Tucked away in the East Village, the venerable institution has quenched the thirst of everyone from Abraham Lincoln to the lower denizens of the Bowery since 1854. There’s only […]