The current Society logo, complete with coded motto.

Since 1908, this has been the motto of the Society for Gentlemen Explorers. Founding member Henry Hardcastle, boarding the paddle steamer ‘Hendrick Hudson’ in New York City, wrote to his fellow club members in London telling the story of its origin; 

“As the steamer was getting underway, I passed the time with a worthy young man dressed in a white suit. I enquired whether he had been traveling far, to which the callow youth replied with a glint in his eye; ‘not too far…….just all parts of the globe’. It immediately struck me that we should take up this mantle, and it shall be the byword for all our endeavours.”

Henry Hardcastle’s original letter, SGE Archives.

The motto ‘All Parts of the Globe’ was duly adopted, the only change being its encryption into the ‘pig pen’ cypher, still in use today.