The hidden Campbell Apartment bar, Grand Central Terminal, NY

“Personally, I had no doubts. I never waivered. Hot Scotch-and-water was the stuff for me…….I seemed to see the beaker smiling at me across the misty fields, beckoning me on, as it were, and saying ‘Courage, Bertram! It will not be long now!'” -Very Good Jeeves, P.G.Wodehouse, 1930.

Whenever out exploring, Society members generally look forward to the end of the day, and finding a local bar to relax in. From opulent hotel bars in the world’s grandest capitals, to dusty, front street saloons in remote Alaskan gold mining towns, seeking out the local resort is not only restorative, but a often a first rate resource for local information. We’ve had many instances of striking up conversations with a local that has led to invaluable tip offs for new adventures and stories to write.

Here is our ongoing guide to some of the Society’s favourites; every week we’ll bring you a new bar to explore; they might not be the most fashionable, or famous, but you’ll probably find someone interesting to talk to there.